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Copper Ferrules

Copper Ferrules

Copper Lugs

Copper Lugs



XLPE Copper Ferrules

XLPE Copper Ferrules

XLPE Copper Lugs

XLPE Copper Lugs

XLPE Copper Ferrules

XLPE Copper Ferrules
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Copper Ferrules - XLPE Range 
CABRICAL CodeNominal conductor mm²
CXL35FXLPE Ferrules 35
CXL50FXLPE Ferrules 50
CXL70FXLPE Ferrules 70
CXL95FXLPE Ferrules 95
CXL120FXLPE Ferrules 120
CXL150FXLPE Ferrules 150
CXL185FXLPE Ferrules 185
CXL240FXLPE Ferrules 240
CXL300FXLPE Ferrules 300
CXL400FXLPE Ferrules 400
CXL500FXLPE Ferrules 500
CXL630FXLPE Ferrules 600


Technical Data




Conductive Material




99.95% pure


Oxygen Content

30 ppm max

Tensile Strength

200 MPa

Ductile Rating


Final Metal State

Fully Annealed


Operating Temperature

-55°C to 155°C due to oxygen-free copper


Electroplating Material


99.9% pure


Other Metals

Lead + Antimony



4 microns



General Electrical Properties

Total Conductivity

99.7% IACS


Total Resistivity

1.738 micro-ohm cm

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